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Promoting companies with a hollistic approach to health

Specialized Marketing for Health and Wellness

Marketing for health and wellness

You’ve got your hands full trying to run your day-to-day operations, and the idea of marketing your business is daunting. How do you even know if your efforts would bring results? It may be equally as nerve wracking trying to shop for a marketing firm that potentially delivers uninspired, one-size-fits-all solutions resulting in unnecessary money spent and little return on investment.

Storihale Marketing specializes in the fields of health and wellness such as dental practices, alternative healthcare practices and fitness companies. Our mission is to provide you with a customized marketing strategy and execution plan, within your budget, that brings real results in the form of new clients and retention. Storihale will work with you and your team to  provide solutions that are aligned with your business goals. We won’t spend time or money chasing tactics that won’t yield results because we know you're looking for results!

A Clear Brand Story

Founding Storihale

Over my two decades of marketing experience, I have learned that every company has a unique story to tell. It may be one of the company’s founding, it may be something that sets you apart from the competition or it may be in the culture that you have carefully cultivated over time. This is referred to as a “brand story” and it is a powerful tool for connecting with prospective and existing customers.

A clear brand story that is woven into your marketing strategy from top to bottom provides insight and personality into your company or practice. It humanizes the experience of interacting with your brand. Why is this important? Because people want to do business with people, not companies. I founded Storihale Marketing on this marketing principal and its proven ability to increase brand recognition, attract new business and retain existing business.

Health and wellness has been a personal passion of mine and an area of self-study for many years. Today, through Storihale Marketing, I have the wonderful opportunity to combine my expertise in marketing with a great desire to promote and elevate businesses that positively impact the health of their clients and the communities that they serve.

Founder Bio
Leane Owen - Founder of Storihale Marketing

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