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Marketing for Fitness Companies
Strong Marketing Strategy

Increased Membership & Retention

Marketing your fitness company is one of the most essential parts of running your business. A strong marketing strategy and execution directly translates to new memberships and the retention of clients. Regardless of whether you are a small local gym, a large chain of health clubs or a nutritionist, you need to stand out and attract new members in a heavily saturated and competitive market.

Increase Fitness Company Membership
Client Focused Fitness Marketing
Mindful & Client Focused

Navigating Through Today's Challenges

Brick-and-mortar fitness companies in particular are facing difficult challenges in the current wake of the Covid-19 crisis. Your marketing strategy needs to reflect these challenges and take action to accommodate the needs of your clients. It is an important time for people to be focused on their health, and it is your job to offer resources and creative alternatives to your clients so they can stay fit and less vulnerable to illness. Consistent communication about changes as well as helpful resources will strengthen your client relationships.

Storihale Marketing uses a combination of traditional marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and various other methods to achieve your specific business development goals. We customize your marketing strategy based on your needs, your budget and your bandwidth. And we offer the flexibility to test different methods and pivot as necessary to achieve the best results for your success.

Fitness Focused Marketing for:

  • Local gyms
  • Health clubs
  • Barre studios
  • Yoga studios
  • Spin studios
  • Cross Fit gyms
  • Virtual & digital fitness
  • Fitness & nutrition
  • Fitness gear
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