Marketing Tips

The Basics

Marketing Basics

Have a mission and vision that can be easily and clearly communicated

You can’t market yourself well without having a solid understanding of your mission, vision and what your company or practice is all about. Although it may sound simplistic, it can sometimes be difficult to distill this information down to a succinct message. If you are not clear about this, defining it for your audience will be a challenge and potentially confusing. In order to quickly engage a prospective customer or patient, you need to be direct, simple and clear in who you are, what you do and who you serve.


Know who your customer is

In order to reach potential patients and customers, it is vital to know who your intended customer or patient is. You’ll want to spend some time developing your “Buyer Persona,” which basically defines attributes and demographic information such as income, gender, location, hobbies and interests, etc. Having this information available helps to inform your marketing decisions from design, messaging, content development, advertising and more.


Know your competition

It is important to have a general knowledge of who you are competing with for business. Do your research on the companies or practices in your area. Review their websites and social media to get an understanding of what they are offering to their customers and how they engage with them. This can help you to make your products and services stand out in comparison.


Have a great web presence and don’t forget to optimize for mobile

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed, engaging, user-friendly and informative website. Many users will form an opinion of your practice or company based on your web presence alone. Outdated sites that are difficult to navigate or that don’t offer the information that a user is seeking will quickly be abandoned and you may be inadvertently pushing your prospective customers to your direct competition. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure your site is optimized for mobile use. Neglecting to do so will alienate a large percentage of users. Roughly 40% of web browsing activity is done via mobile.


Make sure your branding is consistent throughout all of your marketing

You should use every opportunity to reinforce your brand to create consistency and cohesiveness. Your marketing materials, website, videos, social media pages and advertising should all be recognizable from a visual and messaging standpoint. Even your URL and email addresses should properly tie back to your company name. This can be achieved by establishing brand guidelines that outline proper logo usage, fonts, color palette, taglines and general company or practice messaging.


Use social media to build your brand, engage your followers and strengthen your existing patient base

Making social media a vibrant part of your marketing strategy is a great way to gain credibility, engage prospective customers and continue to connect with your existing base. In the current marketing landscape, it is also essential. Having a strong social media presence allows you to invite customers and patients to get to know your company on a more intimate and informal level as they become active participants in your brand. This is one of the best methods for establishing a human connection, which is important because people want to do business with people, not companies.


Create business profiles on Yelp, Google My Business

In addition to having a great website and social media presence, you need to consider that many users will be looking for you on Google and Yelp to get a snapshot of your practice or company. Be sure to spend some time creating these profiles and providing as much information as possible such as a well-rounded overview, services offered, web address, contact information, pictures of the inside and outside of your establishment, hours, available discounts and auto-responders for incoming messages. One of the greatest potential benefits to having these profiles is that customers can leave reviews and influence others to do business with you.


Target your demographic through digital advertising

Digital advertising is one of the best methods to bring traffic, leads and new customers/patients to your door. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google have powerful tools that allow you to target the types of people you want to connect with, bringing you qualified leads that can be converted to customers or patients. The best part is that you can get results with even a small budget if your ads are well executed, resonate with the user and have a clear call-to-action.



Another form of online advertising is remarketing, which enables sites to show targeted ads to users that have already visited your site. Past visitors will see your ads while browsing the web or watching videos on YouTube. This method of keeping your brand in view of the user, and repeated exposure can dramatically increase your incoming leads.


Content Marketing

Creating personalized content for your target groups is a great way to build brand awareness, establish your expertise and bring traffic to your website or social media pages. Additionally, it helps you gain patients because you’ve successfully answered their questions, provided them with helpful tips and flexed your industry knowledge. When they need the services that you offer, they are more likely to seek you out. This can be done through consistent blogging, writing editorial content for magazines, newsletters, email campaigns, videos and more.

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